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June 19th 2003

The positive effects of taking CONCENTRACE® Mineral Drops for particular health problems.
Toby has now been taking CONCENTRACE® for 2 months and there has been a positive reaction. Some of his Autism traits have become less apparent and he is making more babbling sounds. He seems more responsive and interested in the world around him and his ability to concentrate has most definitely improved.
S. Moss.

Immune System
Within a few days I was aware of having more energy and feeling generally healthier. During the months that I have been taking CONCENTRACE® I have had fewer infections, such as coughs, colds, mouth ulcers and sore throats. I feel sure that CONCENTRACE® has helped to boost my immune system and enabled me to make better use of other nutrients in the food that we eat.
W. Wheen.

Dogs Too
The ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’, as they say – and I myself would not be without it as it definitely sustains my energy during shift work. An added bonus: our rather testy old Spaniel has become noticeably more genial since having three drops day in his water bowl.
H. Giehmann.

I have always been aware of the amount of water one should be drinking as an athlete to keep hydrated. Daily I added CONCENTRACE® to my drinking water. The effect I must say was immediate. My cramp stopped and my muscle ache eased.
A. Salmon.

I recommended CONCENTRACE® to one mother who had a young son who needed regular doses of Ritolin throughout the day, as well as sleeping tablets to help him relax at night. Within one week of taking the drops, her son was much more calmer, he was able to reduce the dose of Ritolin and to stop the sleeping tablets.
S. Kypers.

They are not quite like a weekend in Barbados but they gave me an almost rush like feeling and a general sense of energy without the down that follows, ie coffee. The fact that they are carried in water is also great as it encourages the water-weary to drink more of it instead of sugary alternatives. I feel good knowing I am giving my body what it needs.
J. Mewse
Back Pain
Over a period of eight weeks my mother went from being able to walk normally to being unable to walk just a few paces. For months she had injections by an anesthetist to reduce the pain – until she was told she couldn’t have them anymore and she resigned herself to the fact that she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life (at 76 years old). At this time I introduced her to CONCENTRACE®. The MIRACLE is, now she walks her dogs about a third of a mile a day, gardens and generally moves around as she did before and best of all she is pain free. Needless to say I now encourage everyone I can to start taking these minerals and to keep taking them. They are for life not just a few days of months.
A. Lawrence.

Uncontrollable Anger
My wife Nance broke her back in a car accident. Three months ago we introduced CONCENTRACE® into her diet along with other therapies. The result was an increase in healing and other symptoms of depression, uncontrollable anger and in general the ability to think have all improved and appear to be stabilising. The CONCENTRACE® is worth it’s weight in gold.
Mr. Schiffer.

Bloating, Food sensitiveness and muscle spasms
My symptoms were: bloating, weight gain around the midline, extreme fatique, improper fat metabolism, food sensitivities, muscle spasms and digestive problems. I started to take CONCENTRACE® and had drastic results in one week. I anticipated the validity of this letter so I stopped taking the CONCENTRACE® just to see what happened, within a month I felt terrible again. My problems seemed complicated but the solution was simple, Trace Minerals are essential for life!
Michele L Gash.

In pain for 9 years
I would like you to know that I doubted the young fellow that gave me CONCENTRACE® 3 months ago to try. I’ve been in pain for 9 years and even moved from New York for relief of pain but with no success. I tried all and everything known to me, drugs, vitamins, other minerals etc. After taking CONCENTRACE® for 25 days the pain had gone and has still been gone for 2 months. Without CONCENTRACE® the pain comes back. I’m telling everybody about it!
Sun and Earth Nutrition Health Store.
Sensitive Teeth
When I was at a convention I bought some CONCENTRACE®. Not only could I often notice a rise in my energy level but before I found CONCENTRACE® when my sugar intake was higher than normal I would notice that my teeth became sensitive to hot and cold. This sensitivity would last for weeks and was very annoying to say the least. Then I began to notice an interesting thing – my teeth seemed to lose their sensitivity after two or three daily doses of CONCENTRACE®. I experimented by drinking a number of cans of soft drinks until my teeth started twingeing again and then starting taking the drops again and ‘lo and behold’ it worked, EVERY time!
Michael E. Welch

Migraine and cluster headaches
A few years back I began taking your ‘Trace Minerals’ and found out by accident, that it should stop the terrible pain of ‘migraine and cluster headaches’, I was very grateful indeed!
Mary Hale.

Thank you so much for introducing me to CONCENTRACE®. I have had years of problems with allergies which have included three years of allergy injections and a Dr telling me I’d have to stay on Cortisone for the rest of my life to keep the inflammation down in my ears. I felt there was no hope and I was either sick from the allergies or sick with the side effects from the drugs. For the first time I can sing lullabies to my baby, for my first child there was so much pressure in my ears it was too painful to try. I can really say they have put song back in my life!
M Norman

Manic Depression My god I’m healing my brain of manic depression with your trace minerals. This is a huge miracle. All the doctors and psychiatrists said I was hopelessly incurable and mentally ill. I’ve been on disability for 8 long years. The salt water is even great to gargle for a sore throat!
Jeff Wells

Restless Legs
I am 67 and have suffered with ‘Restless Legs Syndrome’ for years. I tried many things to get relief: vitamins, Advil, Quinine, Valium and hot baths, I would get some temporary relief at times. It was suggested I try CONCENTRACE® and I HAVE BEEN FREE OF RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME ever since!!!!! It has also cured my craving for sugar and I am sleeping well for the first time in forty years.
Billie Russell.

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