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Attention, Behaviour and Minerals

June 19th 2003

Attention, Behaviour and Minerals by R.H. Anderson, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.

One of the greatest mysteries of our current medical community is why there are so many of our youth and adults without the ability to focus, concentrate and learn skills the "normal way". One need only read the newspaper to hear stories of special education facilities in schools incapable of dealing with the number of students that cannot function in a regular classroom because they cannot sit still, focus on the work, remember their assignments, etc. The cost of these children to society in education and as they grow into adults with many of the same problems prompted Associated Interventions and Counselling, Inc. of Ogden, Utah to explore further.

No one can say for certain why these problems exist in our society and in other industrialised societies at this time, but there are viable explanations. We do know that the foods we eat are no longer ripened to maturity on the plant but picked at immaturity for better handling and shipping. We also know that most foods are grown in chemically treated soils to enrich growth, weight and fight pests. Residual chemicals are part of the food we eat. We also know the basic eating habits and styles of industrialised nations reflect more additives and preservatives and less fresh, properly prepared diets. It was with this information that Associated Intervention and Counselling Inc. of Ogden, Utah sought to discover if the use of mineral supplements could help these children and adults do better and calm down to a level they could function and learn better.

As part of this exploration a study was set up using a test known as the T.O.V.A. (Test of Variable Attentiveness) to measure the impulsivity, hyperactivity, reaction time and variability (ability to stay with the task at hand). A scientifically significant number of participants (n=34) were found that showed signs of these traits in their testing. Participants used in this study demonstrated, on this scientifically validated test, that they possessed the traits of impulsivity, hyperactivity, poor reaction time or difficulty staying on task. They were administered 10 drops of concentrated minerals produced by Trace Minerals Research. These minerals were given to them orally in juice (approximately 8oz). Electron-microscopic studies have shown that such administration reaches the system within approximately forty-five minutes. Forty-five minutes after ingesting the minerals they were tested again using the T.O.V.A. The T.O.V.A. is fully validated to not be able to be learned and create the problem called test re-test problems. Therefore the results of the second test would clearly show if there was an effect by the administration of the minerals.

The results were astounding! In approximately eighty per cent of the cases there was a significant decrease in either impulsivity, hyperactivity, reaction time or variability. In several cases the original test had revealed the child or adult to show the measurements typical of a person with problems maintaining attention and forty-five minutes later they showed results of a person with typical and normal attention. Noone can say for sure exactly what the minerals did for the participants but the effect can not be denied. Whether the minerals have the ability to help the nerve impulses get to the proper parts of the brain and body better, restore communication and electrical balance in the body or serve another purpose, is not clear at this juncture. It would appear that at a synaptic level of nerve endings there is a change in the mineral balance allowing for nerve impulses to cross over and meet with the correct receptor more often and with greater ease. In many people the nerve impulses appeared to move through non-conductive space whereas after the minerals the space became more conductive and the nerve impulses became more efficient. What is clear is that both the adults and the children assessed reduced their negative characteristics at significant measures due to the administration of a natural product instead of the use of potentially dangerous drugs.

Further investigation into this new information found that when used in doses of ten to twenty-five drops three times a day this calmness and better attention to detail could be maintained. The participants explained. "I listened better", "I didn't get into trouble today for the first time!", "Mum and Dad are not yelling as much. It sure is better at home". It was further discovered that when the drops were used in conjunction with products called Naturest and Stress-X, also manufactured by Trace Minerals Research, there was an immediate and dramatic increase in the ability to fall asleep at night, sleep soundly and peacefully, wake refreshed and calm. When the drops and Naturest or Stress-X were taken during the day there were reports of better work performance in both the adults and the adolescents, they reported a greater calmness, less anxiety, decreased stress and an increase in the ability to follow directions and complete tasks.

Scientifically it is not possible to tell exactly what happened with the administration of the minerals. It is only clear that something changed. There is a need to have further research to see if the electrical system of the body was modified and connected better after administration of the minerals such as in a synaptic change of electrical conductivity. There is a need to see if the minerals aiding the ability of the body to get the nutrients it needs increases the natural ability of the body to operate as designed. There is also need to accept that the results clearly indicate that the administration of the minerals to people with trouble focusing, being impulsive, not listening as they should and not functioning as normal made a significant difference. The reasons now need further exploration. Fortunately, unlike the use of medications, there is no need to be concerned about side effects or long term damage to the person when the minerals are used and further research proceeds.

It is important to note that the minerals did not and will not "cure". They are not designed to cure. The body has the capacity to cure itself in many cases if it has the materials it needs to do so. It would appear in this study that the body, once receiving natural ionic minerals, moves towards homeostasis or balance on its own. The organism cannot work without the correct balance of minerals and other necessary components and it would appear that in general our current society is not receiving them nutritionally. The addition of these minerals appear to be making up a deficiency and in so doing has the possibility, if used wisely, of being of far greater value to the new generation than we can imagine.

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